Initiative Courses

With Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant funds and matching funds from the campus, UIC will redesign 62 courses, resulting in the integration of online and face-to-face instruction in 80 degree programs. The following courses show the progress of the grant to date. As new courses are developed, they will be added here.

Completed Courses:

BA 200-Managerial Communication
BHIS 405-Medical Sciences and Human Pathophysiology
BHIS 410-Health Data Structures and Management
BHIS 433-Q Methodology
BHIS 461 (361)-Information Systems for Health Information Management
BHIS 480-Management and Business Practices
BHIS 509-Informatics for the Clinical Investigator
COMM 200-Communications Technologies
ENGL 160-Academic Writing I: Writing in Academic and Public Contexts
FIN 472-Real Estate Finance
HIM 317-Principles of Health Information Management
HIM 337-Analysis of Health Care Data
HIM 343-Quality Evaluation and Management
HIM 361-Human Resources Management
HIM 374-Health Information Research
HIM 410-Introduction to the Health Care System
HIM 432-Coding and Classification Systems
HIM 433-Coding and Reimbursement Systems
HIM 451-Health Information Mgmt Theory and Practice
HIM 452-Quality Management and Data Analysis
HIM 453-Principles of Management
HIM 454-Legal Aspects, Risk Management and Security
HIM 455-Health Information Systems
HIM 481-Financial Management
KN 251-Human Physiological Anatomy I
KN 252-Human Physiological Anatomy II
LING 150-Introduction to the Study of Language
MATH 075 Beginning Algebra
MATH 090 Intermediate Algebra
NUMC 515-Advanced Parent-Infant Nursing
NUSC 390-Nursing Leadership and Management in Healthcare
NUSC 432-Bioethics
NUSC 525-Intermediate Statistics
NUSC 526- Intermediate Statistics
NUSC 527-Nursing Inquiry II
NUSC 528-Health, Environment and Systems
NUSC 529-Issues of Advanced Practice in Nursing
NUSC 531-Pharmacotherapeutics in Advanced Practice in Nursing
NUSC 532-Comprehensive Health Assessment for Advanced Practice
NUSC 535-Biological Basis of Disease
POLS 101 - Introduction to American Government and Politics
SOC 100 - Introduction to Sociology
STAT 101 - Introduction to Statistics