Succeeding in Online and Blended Learning

Welcome to Succeeding in Online and Blended Learning at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The resources found here will help students new to online learning to understand what is needed to succeed in an online or blended course.

Preparing to Learn


Working in Blackboard

Using the Library




The same dedicated professors who teach traditional face-to-face classes teach UIC online and blended courses. You may work with a tenured research professor or an experienced adjunct instructor depending on your program.

There are many ways that students interact with faculty and fellow students online.  Often, faculty will ask you to contribute to online discussions of the course topics anytime during a week. Sometimes you will participate in virtual meetings at the same time as fellow students. You may also access readings, lecture materials and interactive assessments.


In your online or blended course, you will work with others using technology as a communication tool. As in traditional classrooms, collaboration takes many different forms in an online or blended course. During your studies, you may:

  • Participate in discussions with your entire class on a discussion board
  • Cooperate with another classmate as a study partner
  • Complete assignments with other classmates as a team or group

Each online or blended course is specifically designed to leverage the technology available and to achieve the learning goals of the course. Each course is different. If team work is an important aspect of the course work, you will be asked to collaborate in a team.

You may use e-mail, instant messaging, chat, e-rooms and/or Wikis to collaborate with your fellow classmates.

If you would like a better idea of what it is like to be in an online course, launch this interactive overview.


Communicating with your classmates and teachers is as easy in an online or blended course as it is in the face-to-face environment. You will communicate with your professor in the method that works best for the both of you. Faculty who teach online and blended courses will be available through e-mail and over the phone and may also offer virtual and/or face-to-face office hours.

Meet Face-to-Face

Most online courses can be completed without visiting campus. Blended courses, however, do include face-to-face instruction, and students in blended courses will be expected to come to campus to attend class, a lab, to take exams, etc., throughout the semester.

Ask for Help

As reflected in the University of Illinois Nondiscrimination Statement and the UIC Chancellor's Statement of Commitment to Persons with Disabilities, UIC strives to maintain a barrier-free environment so that students with disabilities can fully access classes, programs, services and other campus activities.

Discuss any special accessibility needs with your instructor at the beginning of the class.  You may also contact the Disability Resource Center at (312) 413-2183 or (312) 413-0123 (TTY) for interpreting, document conversion or testing services.