Succeeding in Online and Blended Learning

Welcome to Succeeding in Online and Blended Learning at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The resources found here will help students new to online learning to understand what is needed to succeed in an online or blended course.

Preparing to Learn


Working in Blackboard

Using the Library



Using the Library

Participants in online and blended courses can use the UIC library to do research online. Most students will also have access to the physical library on campus, plus the extensive research options available through I-Share, a system that links all Illinois’s public university library systems.


Online students who are enrolled in academic, credit-bearing programs and courses have access to many of the UIC library services. These services are accessible through the Library Web site. Below are highlights of the services available to online students.

Where to Start

We recommend you start exploring the university library by visiting the Library Resources page, which asks the simple question, “What would you like to do?” From there, you will be shown the various types of services available.

Online Catalog

The university library Web site provides links to UICCAT, an online catalog of UIC's library holdings.

Borrowing Books

Borrowing In-Person

Currently registered students and faculty in physical proximity to the UIC campus are welcome to visit the library to borrow books and use the resources housed within the library. All borrowers checking out books in-person are required to show their iCard (University Identification Card). Because students enrolled in online programs are not issued iCards, students are encouraged to get an iCard before visiting the Library. Check the UIC Online FAQs for instructions on obtaining an iCard.

Borrowing Online

Students who cannot physically come to UIC’s campus can request that materials be shipped to a library close to where the student lives. Current students, faculty and staff can request materials from 65 other academic libraries in the state of Illinois, through I-Share, and from other libraries with which UIC has reciprocal borrowing agreements through interlibrary loan.
At the present time, UIC does not mail or ship books to alternative pickup sites other than the libraries that are part of the Interlibrary Loan program.

Ebrary is an online library of over 25,000 online full-text books across all disciplines. Ebrary software is required to read the online books. Once installed, one of the exciting features of ebrary InfoTools™ software is the ability to seamlessly link to additional information in your library and on the Web simply by highlighting any word or phrase of interest.

Electronic Journals, Newspapers and Magazines

Students and faculty have access to the electronic journals, newspapers and magazines that are found in the various databases and publications that the library licenses.

Request an Article

InfoQUIC is the UIC library’s fee-based photocopy service where items are pulled from the collection, photocopied, and delivered by fax, email, U.S. postal service or campus mail. Materials delivered electronically are in PDF format. Requests can only be submitted using the InfoQUIC online form. More information regarding this service can be found on the University Library’s Circulation Department FAQ section.

Online Library Seminars

The UIC library offers a series of Virtual Workshops. Past and present topics include:

  • Keeping Current: Email and RSS Feeds
  • How Do I Know I Found Everything?
  • Google
  • Optimizing Searching with CINAHL
  • Managing Your References (REFWORKS with a health sciences focus, REFWORKS with social sciences/humanities focus, ENDNOTE, and Reference Manager)

Dates and times for the workshops are listed on the Virtual Workshop Web page.
All workshops will be held in the ACCC e-room. You need to register for the Virtual Seminar(s) and also enroll in the class in the ACCC e-room. If you have not used an ACCC e-room yet, you will need to create an e-room account.

For questions about these workshops please contact the library at Ask A Librarian.

Contact the Library

Students and faculty have multiple ways of contacting the university library. Just visit the Ask A Librarian site for more information about how to reach the librarians in any of the following ways:

  • Live chat session
  • Instant Messaging
  • E-mail
  • Phone