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Bioinformatics Certificate

Bioinformatics specialists are in ever-increasing demand and job opportunities are appearing at the interface of molecular biology and information technology. The UIC Online Bioinformatics Program focuses on preparing students for successful industry and research careers in bioinformatics. Utilizing distance learning and an accredited curriculum, the UIC program provides graduates with the skills to become successful Bioinformatics specialists and researchers.

Three of the following four courses are required for completion:

BIOE 480 - Introduction to Bioinformatics
BIOE 439 - Biostatistics
BIOE 483 - Molecular Modeling in Bioinformatics
BIOE 582 - Computational Genomics


College of Engineering

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Total Required Hrs:

12 credit hours

Contact Name:

Carolyn Williams

Contact Phone:

(312) 996-9806

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