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Bring the first-class education offered at University of Illinois at Chicago to your desktop! Primarily online - UIC’s exciting and engaging online degree, non-degree and certificate programs offer students and professionals alike the chance to pursue dreams or advance careers where and when its convenient for you.

NOTE: The University of Illinois is not authorized to offer online distance education programs or courses to students in the State of Maryland. As of 12/15/2014, no new Maryland students will be allowed to enroll in online programs.

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  • College of Applied Health Sciences
    • Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management Degree Completion Program  

      The College of Applied Health Sciences offers an online Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management Degree Completion Program designed for students with an associate degree in a healthcare discipline, information technology or business.

    • Health Informatics IBHE Certificate  UIC offers an online post-master's health informatics certificate program for self-motivated, experienced professionals in the health care and information technology fields. Students in the certificate program have already attained a master's-level degree and seek to further their educational backgrounds or careers with graduate-level coursework.

    • Health Information Management IBHE Certificate  Become a leader in the rapidly-evolving field of health care information and the national movement toward electronic health records. The University of Illinois at Chicago's online Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health Information Management prepares you to understand and manage the cutting-edge technology, processes and people that are revolutionizing the delivery of patient care.

    • Master of Science in Health Informatics  The Master of Science in Health Informatics coursework emphasizes the analysis, implementation and ongoing management of the critical factors that impact the successful selection and use of health care information technologies. Recognizing the critical need in today's health care IT environment for socially fluent professionals, UIC's program is rooted in social informatics. This discipline embraces the socio-cultural and behavioral perspectives of individuals, groups, and organizations as they interact within the contexts of health care information systems and supporting technologies. On November 17, 2006, the Masters in Health Informatics program received designation as an "Approved Program" by the Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM).

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  • College of Education
    • Educational Research Methodology Certificate  The ERM online certificate provides opportunities for students to upgrade their educational research skills without enrolling in a Masters or PhD program. Students will be prepared to use these skills to conduct research within their own content areas and for a variety of different positions in research and applied settings. The ERM online certificate provides opportunities for several populations: private and public sector workers in education and other social science fields who want to upgrade their research skills, graduate students from education and other fields who want training in research methods, and those individuals desiring to pursue a shorter and focused course of study in educational research.

    • Master of Education in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics and Assessment  The MEd in MESA online program provides an opportunity for domestic and international students with a bachelor's degree from any social, behavioral or health-science field to obtain a MEd in MESA. The MEd in MESA online program provides rigorous training in quantitative and qualitative methodologies and addresses the current industry-wide shortage of individuals capable of functioning effectively in educational research and other social science research settings. The MEd in MESA online program is designed for several student populations: students who want to acquire the knowledge and technical skills needed for entry-level positions in academic institutions, state and federal agencies, school districts, and the testing and evaluation industry (e.g., licensure and certification boards, private and not-for-profit testing organizations); students who eventually wish to pursue doctoral studies in a MESA area; and PhD students in education and other fields who want to increase their research skills and enhance their career opportunities by simultaneously enrolling in the MEd in MESA online program.

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  • College of Engineering
    • Bioinformatics Certificate  Bioinformatics specialists are in ever-increasing demand and job opportunities are appearing at the interface of molecular biology and information technology. The UIC Online Bioinformatics Program focuses on preparing students for successful industry and research careers in bioinformatics. Utilizing distance learning and an accredited curriculum, the UIC program provides graduates with the skills to become successful Bioinformatics specialists and researchers.

    • Electromagnetics Technology Certificate  Designed to aid professional engineering graduates update their skills. Students will learn about static and quasi-static fields, electrostatic discharge and polarization.

    • Engineering Law and Management Certificate  The Engineering Law and Management Campus Certificate enhances knowledge of legal principles affecting the engineering profession and intellectual property laws. Topics include basic contract, tort principles and environmental law.

    • Master of Engineering  The UIC College of Engineering offers a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree program which is completed entirely on the Internet. The MEng is a professional degree based exclusively on course work, without a research component (no project or thesis) and without departmental affiliation. The program is administered directly by the UIC College of Engineering and is fully approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

    • Wireless Communications Technology Certificate  Courses in the Wireless Communications Technology Campus Certificate cover a range of topics from radio technology fundamentals to propagation models to the generic wireless mobile network. Topics addressed also include data communications, broadband and wireless mobile multimedia networks among others.

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  • College of Medicine
    • Master of Health Professions Education  The Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) program is designed for health professionals who want to better prepare for educational leadership roles. The online format allows professionals to pursue their degrees while maintaining full-time jobs. Courses address topics including curriculum development, program evaluation, instruction, student assessment, current educational issues, research methods and leadership.

    • Master of Science in Patient Safety Leadership  The Patient Safety Leadership program will equip students with opportunities to become leaders in the advancement of patient safety and quality health care. The most important advantage for professionals who enroll in the Patient Safety Leadership program is the opportunity to explore ways that they can become part of a patient safety culture and lead the development of quality health care practices.

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  • College of Medicine Office of the Dean
    • Patient Safety, Error Science and Full Disclosure Graduate Certificate  The health care environment requires a systems-oriented, inter-professional, and patient-centered approach for optimal patient success. New skills and attitudes are required to meet the changing needs of patients in a medical environment that has become one of multilayered systems, informatics, assessment, outcomes, and quality indicators. This certificate will ensure that students are prepared to meet the evolving requirements of challenging health care environments.

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  • College of Nursing
    • Administrative Nursing Leadership IBHE Certificate  The Administrative Nursing Leadership Program synthesizes the disciplines of nursing and management in order to efficiently and effectively direct nursing operations in health care agencies toward realization of the goals of both the profession and the agency. The focus includes organizational behavior, human resources, fiscal management, leadership and managerial functions of the nurse manager.

    • Advanced Practice Palliative Care Certificate  The Advanced Practice Palliative Care Nursing Campus Certificate is sponsored by the UIC College of Nursing and has been developed to educate nurses to better meet the needs of caring for patients who are seriously ill and dying and who require end-of-life and palliative care treatment. It is grounded in a holistic perspective that recognizes that the individual is part of a family, a community and a society.

    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing - RN Completion  The College of Nursing at the University of Illinois at Chicago offers an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree Completion Program designed for licensed RNs.

    • Doctor of Nursing Practice (Post-Masters)  The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is focused in advanced practice in nursing with an emphasis on evidence based practice. This degree will emphasize translational research as well as build skills for advanced practice in nursing.

    • School Nurse Certificate  The School Nurse certificate program focuses on health care management for school-aged children and is designed to broaden, refine and strengthen the nurse’s ability to implement the nursing process in response to the diverse needs of children in the school community.

    • Teaching/Learning in Nursing and Health Sciences Certificate  The Teaching/Learning in Nursing and Health Sciences certificate program targets the nurse educator and provides an introduction to educational theory, methods and strategies for nursing instruction and evaluation in classroom, clinical and online educational settings.

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  • College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
    • Survey Research Methods Certificate  The Survey Research Methods online certificate program will provide students with the basic knowledge and skills in scientifically-grounded survey research methodologies. This certificate will enhance employment opportunities in professions in which demands for scientifically grounded evidence regarding social issues and conditions are expanding.

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  • School of Continuing Studies
    • Certificate in Nonprofit Management  The Certificate in Nonprofit Management online program offers practical skills needed to face today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.

    • English for International Professionals Series  The English for International Professionals Series is designed to provide courses for advanced learners of English in academia and business throughout the Chicago area. These courses focus on clear pronunciation, confident public speaking and effective professional writing skills.

    • Writers Series  Explore the various writing courses offered by the UIC Writers Series. This non-credit program is designed for individuals who are interested in improving their job skills or simply writing for enjoyment.

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  • School of Public Health
    • Advanced Community Public Health Practice Certificate  This certificate program teaches the skills necessary for identifying and addressing community health needs and priorities.

    • Basic Community Public Health Practice Certificate  This certificate program addresses the basic principles for assessing and addressing health problems in the community.

    • Clinical Research Methods Certificate  This certificate program provides clinicians with an array of methodologies needed to conduct clinical and translational research in a multi-disciplinary research environment.

    • Doctor of Public Health (DrPH in Leadership)  Graduates of the DrPH in Leadership program use their leadership and analytic skills to evaluate public health issues, programs and policies; communicate with policy makers and opinion leaders; and transform the public health system.

    • Emergency Management and Continuity Planning Certificate  This certificate provides the core competencies needed by people working in the area of disaster management and recovery, including risk analysis, strategic and operational plan formulation and resource assessment.

    • Health Disparities Research Certificate  
      This online certificate program enhances the knowledge, skills and scientific resources relative to health disparities for practitioners and researchers who wish to contribute to a body of evidence that will lead to deeper understanding and elimination of health disparities.

    • Master of Public Health in Community Health Sciences  Students in the Master of Public Health in Community Health Sciences program will be equipped with the knowledge base and practical skills needed to identify and address public health problems and threats in populations. This online program is directed toward students interested in public health practice careers across a spectrum of settings including community-based organizations, governmental public health agencies and voluntary sector health organizations.

    • Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Administration  Students in the Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Administration program gain an understanding of: managerial skills needed in public health organizations, the levels of public policy, effective approaches to organizational communication, and how to apply ethical standards to everyday situations.

    • Master of Public Health in Public Health Informatics  Students in the Master of Public Health in Public Health Informatics program become experts in the systematic application of information technology to public health practice, research and learning.

    • Public Health Geographic Information Systems Certificate  This certificate program provides students with an understanding of fundamental Geographic Information Systems tools and their practical applications. Students will receive advanced training in implementing and sustaining a GIS function as it applies to assessing population health problems within the context of social services, demographic factors and environmental variables.

    • Public Health Informatics Certificate  This certificate program provides the skills needed for the systematic application of information technology to public health practice, research and learning.

    • Public Health Management Certificate  This certificate program provides the knowledge needed to lead public health organizations, programs and agencies, including the decision-making skills required to strategically plan, budget and allocate resources.

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